Laura Kokolis

Paralegal/Legal Assistant


About Laura

Laura joined the Jenkins Legal Services team in 2021 as a paralegal and legal assistant. In 2019, she made the exciting move from Sydney to Newcastle to complete her Bachelor of Laws and Business degrees. Laura is currently in her third year of studies at the University of Newcastle and has always been fascinated by the legal industry.

Laura instigated her experience in the legal environment in 2018 as a receptionist at a prominent Sydney legal firm. Since then, she has worked in Newcastle firms, assisting in areas of property, liquor licensing and racing law. This experience has equipped Laura with an understanding of legal practices and expanded her communication and efficiency skills. Laura is particularly interested in commercial and intellectual property law and is excited to discover more about these areas at university next year.

Laura lives in Newcastle with friends and loves the community she has built since her move. Aside from work and study, Laura spends her time listening to music, reading and playing soccer.