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Business Establishment & Structuring Advice

"I wish I did that to begin with". We have heard this phrase too many times. Structuring your business in the correct way in the first instance is essential to creating the most tax-effective position for you and your business, while additionally ensuring asset protection in the unfortunate event of insolvency.

Whether you need advice on the planning and establishment of your business, or the structuring or restructuring of your new or existing business, Jenkins Legal and Advisory can take the complexity out of any business structuring process, in order to ensure you are not left wishing in the future.

Jenkins Legal and Advisory works with a large range of businesses across multiple industries, including:

  • Health professionals, doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and other allied health professionals

  • Engineering, manufacturing and mining services

  • The hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants and Hunter wineries

  • Not-for-profit enterprises

What we can do for you:

  • Advice on correct trust setups (e.g. family trusts)

  • Consider and provide advice to you on your IP situation

  • Establish an exit plan

  • Establish succession plans

  • Assist in restructuring to the right structure (the sooner the better)

  • Work closely with your accountant and other trusted advisors to ensure you and your business are in the best position now and in the future

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