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Business & Family Conflict Resolution

Most business and family conflicts are predictable. It is important to have difficult conversations in order to solve current problems and avoid potential future conflicts in your business and family.

With 25 years’ experience working in Australia and the UK, our senior partner and director Micah Jenkins has worked with seemingly every kind of family business from farming; wine; mining; professional services; retail and trade businesses.

Jenkins Legal and Advisory can assess conflicts and facilitate their resolution to assist you and your business in the best way possible, taking the complexity out of the situation in order to create appropriate, balanced and lasting solutions and bring you peace of mind.

What we do for you:

  • Facilitate periodic meetings. Communication is the single most effective way to avoid current and future conflict.

  • Establish a Code of Conduct

  • Establish shared values and objectives

  • Assist in conflict resolution and establishing a formal conflict resolution process, including mediation processes.

  • Drafting policies

  • Advising on succession plans

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