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The Australasian Legal Practice Management Association’s (ALPMA) Conference Melbourne 2016

Our practice manager, Louise Williams was fortunate enough to attend this three day event in Melbourne recently.

Legal director, Micah Jenkins believes 'staying ahead of the trends in the legal industry can only result in better outcomes for our clients'.

The conference emphasised how many changes are occurring in the legal world. Here at Jenkins Legal Services we are aware of how important our business model is in keeping up with these changes and how this will ensure we can provide the best service for our clients.

The event covered many aspects of internal firm efficiency and matter management which lead to savings that can be passed onto our valued clients. Furthermore, efficient procedures and effective management lead to quality legal work.

On her return Louise said she ‘felt inspired and invigorated to continue Jenkins Legal Services growth’ and was also ‘pleased with how Jenkins Legal are performing compared to other firms. It is surprising in how many different areas we are ahead of the larger firms due to our ability to set up new systems and also continually tweak and make changes to our current systems. Larger firms, who have had the same systems and culture in place for years (even decades) have major trouble implementing changes both practically and also emotionally’.

We are coming up to our two year anniversary and we are here to stay. We feel inspired and invigorated by the changes in our industry and, as a young firm, we are in a unique position to implement systems to ensure we are the most competitive law firm in Newcastle and the Hunter Region.


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