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Favourable Decision for Our Client

Recently, we requested a review of a Government Department decision that issued an adverse finding against our client. As a result of the initial decision, our client faced the prospect of losing their job.

What was Involved

We discussed with our client the importance of obtaining a favourable ruling from the Government Department and what it meant in the context of their employment. By working with our client and understanding their background, we were able to seek an Internal Merits Review of the unfavourable decision.

Through the diligence of our hard work and attention to detail in understanding the Decision Makers criteria in reviewing the original decision, we obtained an extension of time to lodge an application for review on behalf of our client. We then provided extensive submissions to the Government Department’s Decision Maker. We outlined the merits of our client’s application for review considering the specific legislative requirements along with their personal circumstances.

The Outcome

Ultimately, we were able to achieve a favourable outcome for our client, as the original decision was overturned, and a new decision made. This was a great outcome for our client. This was a testament to how important it is to understand what criteria a Government Department Decision Maker must take into account when determining an original decision or reviewing a previous decision. Due to our efforts, our client was able to maintain their employment.

If you are subject to an adverse government decision that impacts you, whether that be in your personal life or professional career, contact Jenkins Legal Services to see if we can help. We assist in Internal Merit Review applications of Government Department Decisions, including licensing and regulation.



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