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Eastern States Conveyancing

Did you know that whilst we are based in Newcastle, we are able to service all your property law needs on the East Coast of Australia? If you are planning on buying or selling property interstate, please contact us because Jenkins Legal Services can assist, regardless of location.

Our team, and accredited specialist property Senior Associate Sam Slack-Smith, have a decade’s worth of property knowledge and expertise across multiple Australian states and territories outside of NSW - including Victoria, ACT, Tasmania, and Queensland. Our extensive property expertise means that we are able to consider a wide range of issues that often arise when advising on your property matters.

We can provide you with quality, in depth advice and conduct a seamless conveyancing transaction on all types of property including commercial, residential, strata, off the plan and rural properties as well as water licences, across these individual states and territories.

If you are considering buying or selling a property either in NSW or other states, please do not hesitate to contact the Property Team at Jenkins Legal Services, where your conveyance will be overseen by an Accredited Specialist in Property Law.

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