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Jenkins Legal & Advisory redefine their purpose

The Newcastle CBD has built a strong reputation for being the hub of legal expertise and services, with a range of businesses operating out of the area.

Among the list of businesses is Jenkins Legal Services, based on Hunter Street, who understood that to stand out from the crowd they needed to redefine and refresh their purpose to align with the business community they serve.

Established in 2014, like many businesses their core services have changed throughout the years in response to the needs of their clients and community.

Legal Director, Micah Jenkins said that after years of finessing their approach for their clients, it felt appropriate and fitting to incorporate that into the business brand.

“We’ve worked hard to establish ourselves as a trusted law team in the region as Jenkins Legal Services, but a major part of this was about providing more than just legal advice,” Micah said.

“For us, the epicentre of our service is establishing trust. This became even more important throughout COVID-19 when people needed to be able to have confidence in and invest in you.

“To demonstrate our commitment to a holistic approach, it was time to hit the refresh button on our brand and to start communicating as Jenkins Legal & Advisory.

“Pivotal to our success has been the addition of some highly skilled and dedicated team members, and now leaders, namely Estate Planning and Employment Partner, Sally Davies and Property Partner, Sam Slack-Smith.”

In line with the updated trading name, the business now has a refreshed logo, transitioning their brand into something more dynamic.

The new logo features sharper edges, to demonstrate their cutting-edge approach, while still incorporating the historic blue colour palette that has been with them from the very start.

The new logo also incorporates a strong orange, to signal the bold shift that makes them unique to the Hunter legal sector.

General Manager, Louise Williams said that refreshing the look of the company has come at an opportune time, as businesses are finding their feet in the ‘new normal’ environment.

“We established Jenkins Legal Services eight years ago, and can’t believe the growth we’ve experienced since then,” Louise said.

“With any shifts you make in business we understand that there is that adjustment period – for clients and the community. We want to be known for a particular message and level of service that is unlike any other.

“So, in lead up to a decade we need our purpose to be just right. Pivotal to conveying this purpose is the amazing group of people around us. We have grown to nearly 20 team members, all supporting our goals every step of the way.

“This is an exciting moment in our history, and we hope our clients and business community love the approach we’ve worked so hard to establish since our inception.”

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