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Welcome Tahlia!

Jenkins Legal Services has welcomed an additional commercial lawyer to its team of eight lawyers, one paralegal and three support staff.

Tahlia Jennings, who graduated with the Juris Doctor and a Bachelor of Communication with Distinction (Public Relations), has joined the team to add to the wealth of experience offered by the business.

Tahlia has strong commercial contracting skills gained from her experience working in house at a large engineering/mining company. She brings exceptional drafting, reviewing and negotiating skills honed whilst working on multi-million-dollar contracts and tenders. These contracts include hire, services and manufacture, and supply contracts with major customers and joint ventures. These contracts span across the engineering, manufacturing and mining sectors.

Legal director, Micah Jenkins, is excited that Tahlia has joined the team.

“Tahlia has a solid understanding of commercialisation of intellectual property, both nationally and internationally, in regards to registration, licensing, and distribution agreements,” Micah said.

“She has also worked closely with various roles, including Company Secretary, to ensure corporate governance and regulatory compliance. Adding Tahlia’s experience in corporate governance to both my own and Sally Davies’s (Senior Associate) means Jenkins Legal Services can offer both exceptional legal and corporate governance advice.”

Tahlia is very excited to be part of the team at Jenkins Legal Services.

“It has been an absolute delight to join a very supportive and hardworking team. Micah has created a workplace centred on respect and integrity, which you can feel the moment you walk in the door,” Tahlia said.

“I am excited to bring my commercial experience to Jenkins Legal Services and work alongside peers who achieve excellence in every task they do.”

Since its establishment by Legal Director, Micah Jenkins, five and a half years ago, the firm has added many outstanding lawyers to the team, moved to larger premises in 2019, and significantly developed its knowledge base.

Micah believes the success of Jenkins Legal Services is due to the depth of experience and dedication of the team.

“Our focus is always on the client and providing them with the highest level of service to ensure their outcome and experience is as positive and stress-free as possible,” Micah said.

“Our motto is to be dependable, authentic, and strategic, and Tahlia has adopted this mantra as her own. We’re excited for what the future holds.”



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