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Zoe Weatherill

Paralegal/Legal Assistant

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About Zoe

Zoe joined the Jenkins Legal and Advisory team in 2021 as their receptionist, before moving into her current paralegal/Legal Assistant role. Zoe has recently completed a Certificate III in Business Administration and is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Law/Criminology at the University of Newcastle. Prior to this role, Zoe worked in management and customer service in the hospitality industry in Newcastle and then North West Western Australia.

While in these positions, Zoe gained essential client service’s skills and an eye for detail when it comes to client expectations and needs. Having prepared and managed large functions for both individuals and companies, she works well on her feet and is able to effectively and efficiently manage time and tasks. Zoe is the welcoming smile and the friendly ‘hello’ that clients can expect to see at JLA.

Zoe is well travelled and appreciative and supportive of all walks of life. Her interest in equality and women’s law has led her to the legal industry and Jenkins Legal and Advisory, where she is looking to further her law career. Away from work, Zoe enjoys video games, as well as visual arts and both listening to and creating music.

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