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Simple tips to improve your business’ cashflow

Proper cashflow management is vital to the success of any business. Here’s a few simple tips to better manage your business’ cashflow: - Know your clients/customers Avoid payment disputes by ensuring you know who your customer is – is it an individual or a company? If it’s a company, ensure you confirm its ABN/ACN. Provide Terms of Trade Ensure you have written terms of trade and provide them to clients/customers prior to (or at the time of) providing any goods or services; it’s a good idea to incorporate them into any quote document you provide. Review Terms of Trade Regularly review your terms of trade to ensure they are still reasonable and address any issues that have arisen

Be Cyber Smart

Be Cyber Smart. In a world that is becoming more ‘streamlined’ with the aid of technology, there appear to be issues arising which impede the ease of integrating technology into the workforce. By exercising precaution and knowing your professional advisors, your risks can be minimised. Fraud is not a new threat. It has been around for centuries; ever evolving and opportunistic. As protections advance, so do fraudsters seeking to create new ways to access private information. One way the legal profession has advanced, and seeks to protect clients and professionals alike, is by requiring additional verification documents as a part of many transactions, most commonly transactions involving rea

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