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Be Cyber Smart

Be Cyber Smart.

In a world that is becoming more ‘streamlined’ with the aid of technology, there appear to be issues arising which impede the ease of integrating technology into the workforce. By exercising precaution and knowing your professional advisors, your risks can be minimised.

Fraud is not a new threat. It has been around for centuries; ever evolving and opportunistic. As protections advance, so do fraudsters seeking to create new ways to access private information. One way the legal profession has advanced, and seeks to protect clients and professionals alike, is by requiring additional verification documents as a part of many transactions, most commonly transactions involving real property.

Formerly, it was considered good practice to retain identification documents on your file. Now, it is a legislative requirement. At Jenkins Legal Services we pride ourselves on not creating risks for our clients but creating relationships and enforcing cyber safe practices within our office.

Potential ways to be cyber smart include:

  1. Calling your advisor and verbally confirming details prior to depositing any money into accounts, if requested via email or text message.

  2. Contacting your advisor immediately if you receive an unusual email.

  3. Establishing a relationship with your trusted advisor to ensure that there are no risks associated with money transfers or providing instructions.

At Jenkins Legal Services we encourage technological integration to ensure that processes are streamlined. With sufficient protocols in place, and investing in cyber safety, we ensure that our clients are protected.

If you have any additional questions about our practice or wish to engage our office for legal assistance, please do not hesitate to call us on (02) 4929 2000.


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